The proof is in the pubes...
8:26 p.m. | 2003-01-16

The other day Ashley flashed me.

Her and Jenn have been going to the tanning salon lately. I'm guessing she just wanted me to see that her boobies were a lovely shade of golden brown.

Then she told me her butt itched cause it got burnt.

I remember one time we were having a discussion about nipples and she told me that she thought her nipples were too small.

I asked her how small they were and she made her thumb and four finger in to a circle to indicate to me their size.

I started laughing hysterically, and because I'm a horrible best friend I tried to make her paranoid by telling her that they were abnormally small and that no one would ever love her boobies.


But then she got me back when she told me I was defective cause my pubes were the same color as my hair and normal girls have dark brown/black pubes.


beat that!

Okay that was sooo not where I thought this entry was going...k bye.

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