Heeelllloooo Diaryland!
12:02 p.m. | 2009-07-15

Helloooo Diaryland!

Iím back bitches!!!

Hopefully for good this time.

Now, I know Iíve said that before but I made myself a pretty new layout and Iím going to be signing up for another gold membership so hopefully spending that money will keep me motivated to update.

Life has been pretty crappy lately.

This recession is costing me my happiness!

I canít find a full time teaching job, so Iím still substitutingÖ

I got married in May. The wedding was nice and maybe Iíll post some pictures.

Iím going on my Honeymoon in Hawaii in a few weeks! Iím super excited about that.


I swear, future updates will be more exciting.

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